BECU Credit Card Application

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BECU Credit Card application portal is serviced by the Boeing Employees Credit Union. Using the credit card one can finance their everyday expenses and earn lots of privileges. The card does not come with an annual fee. Therefore, one can use the credit without the dismay of paying an annual fee.

Cardholder benefits include cash-backs and low interest. We have collected all the important information of the BECU Credit Card. You can opt for the BECU Visa or the BECU Cash Back Visa Credit Card. It is recommended that you read the credit card review before proceeding with the application. Once you decide to apply, you can find the applications steps below.

Reviews of BECU credit Card Application

  • The card provides $500,000 for travel accident insurance.
  • This card gives an extended warranty on lifetime.


  • Balance transactions fee is not charged by this card.
  • There is no foreign transaction fee charged.
  • The card does not charge any cash advance fee.
  • The APR rate for this card is low as 7.9%.


  • The card charges late fee payment.
  • There are not many rewards provided on this card.


Benefits of the BECU Credit Card

  • The Becu credit card does not charge any annual fees.
  • The card allows balance transfers.
  • The card does not charge any penalties.
  • The card facilitates shopping protection.
  • It also provides accident insurance, car rental insurance, and other insurance.
  • The card charges low rate on credit cards.


How to Apply

Step1: Application can be done at the online portal of Becu Credit Card. Open the page and read the rates.

Step2: Tap “apply” to proceed.

Step3: As the page gets open tap “join and apply” to proceed.

Step4: choose the selection of BECU. Select one option to answer the question given besides. Tap “continue” and read the information provided.

Step5: Provide your personal information.

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Email address
  • Confirm email address
  • Home phone
  • Mobile phone
  • Work phone

BECU Credit Card Application

Step6: Tap “continue” to proceed. Fill the further information required.

  • Date of birth
  • Social security number
  • Address
  • Zip code
  • City
  • State
  • Photo Id
  • Issue state
  • Government id number
  • Issue date
  • Expiration date

BECU Credit Card Apply

Step7: Tap “continue” to read the account and services. Finally, submit the application form and you are ready to go.


Check BECU Credit Card Status

To get your application status you need to call at 800-233-2328 and provide your application reference number.